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While a normal person most of the time, whenever you're injured in battle quite a bit, you fly in to a rage.
Prerequisite: Con 13
Benefit: When you drop below one hit point per level in battle, you fly in to a frenzy. You get +4 to strength and one temporary hit point per level during frenzy. You only fly in to a frenzy only once per encounter.
Drawback: You get -4 to your wisdom, charisma, and intelligence (minimum one on each) during frenzy. You must attack the closest person to you (including allies) until you are knocked unconscious or make DC (10 + character level) will save to calmed down. You can also make DC (10 + constitution score) will save to avoid flying in to a frenzy. Character also has a chance of accidentally hurting themselves while frenzied. Every time the frenzied character rolls 1 to hit on an attack, the damage is dealt to the them instead.
Special: If you are a Barbarian, or any other class with the Rage ability, you cannot have this trait. You lose this trait if you gain levels in any class that gives you the Rage ability.
Roleplaying Ideas: You may be mistaken for a Barbarian.

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