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Blind as a Bat[edit]

You have been permanently blinded, but have adapted to sense everything in your immediate area.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to listen, may take 10 on listen checks, even when hurried or threatened, and finally you gain the benefits of the feat Blindsight (20 foot radius) whether or not your qualify for it. Your blindsight ability, although small, allows you to ignore the penalty to movement from being blind.
Drawback: You have the blinded status permanently. Beyond the radius of your blindsight, all creatures gain full concealment against you and you automatically fail all spot checks.
Special: You must have been born blind or received a permanently blinding wound or magical effect to take this trait. If your vision is ever restored, you lose this trait.
Roleplaying Ideas: Take this trait if you want to play a character who, though crippled by conventional standards, is capable of surviving the rigors of adventure. Many characters with this trait will be fearful of wide open areas such as plains, ocean travel, or the sky, ranged combatants, and often seek to mitigate their disability with animal companions or familiars.

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