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Curse of the Wild[edit]

The lycanthropic affliction that runs through your veins is so potent that you can barely control your changes even at the best of times, but in turn, it proves easier to assume your much more savage form on whim.
Prerequisite: You must be an afflicted lycanthrope.
Benefit: The DC to assume your hybrid or animal form voluntarily via your control shape skill is reduced by -6.
Drawback: Fill in the drawbacks this trait grants.
Special: You may take this trait as a bonus trait when you become an Afflicted Lycanthrope. However, you may not have both Curse of the Wild and Tame Spirit.
Roleplaying Ideas: A character with the Curse of the Wild has latent animal tendencies that might not have manifested otherwise without their affliction with lycanthropy. There may be no evidence of animal tendencies or affinity in an individual with this curse; it may appear seemingly haphazardly in its victims, forcing them to either come to terms with their new forms or find a means to break the curse before the passing of too much time. Those who become aware of their lycanthropic condition and display the Curse of the Wild realize they are strangely more comfortable in their animal and hybrid forms, so much so they can barely resist a change into them, voluntarily or not.

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