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Extremely Masculine[edit]

You are disturbingly masculine, and people tend to believe you to be a guy, whether you are or aren't.
Benefit: +10 bonus to checks made to Disguise female adventure as a male.
Drawback: -10 penalty to checks made to disguise yourself as a female. Furthermore, if you are not male and not actively disguising yourself as a male, people who meet you must succeed on both a DC 20 Spot check and a DC 20 Will save to notice and believe that you are not male. If you are actively trying to disguise yourself as a male, the DC check for Spot and the Will save is 30 and 25 respectively.
Normal: You are not disturbingly masculine, and people don't mistake you for a guy if you aren't.
Special: A character with this trait may not have the Feminine trait, the Masculine trait, or the Extremely Feminine trait.
Roleplaying Ideas: Characters with this trait both look and act so masculine, that it can get a little disturbing. They may be exasperated that they keep getting mistaken for a male.

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