Kleptomaniac (3.5e Trait)

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You find surprising things in your pockets. Where could they have come from?
Prerequisite: 2 ranks in Sleight of Hand
Benefit: Once per day, when you are resting at a camp, inn or similar, you find a minor mundane item in your pocket. Your DM can choose one for you, or you can roll on the following table.
Drawback: Most items you acquire in this way belong to someone. Minor items won't be missed, but valuable or personal items will be looked for, and can lead to arrest if the player is caught.
Roleplaying Ideas: You do not consider yourself a thief, as you pick up other people's stuff almost subconsciously, and might express surprise when eventually caught. Most law-abiding citizens will report a "klepto" immediately after learning of one. You are going to have trouble with the law eventually. You cant get away with stealing forever and you can't keep your condition a secret forever. Just hope you have an understanding party.

This table is modified from the Kender Pocket Grab table in Dragonlance Adventures.

1d100 Item
1-3 Bird Feather
4-10 Purple Stones (2d6)
11-20 Multicolored Marbles (d100)
21-24 String
25-27 Animal Teeth
28-32 Whistle
33-35 Copper Coin
36-43 Chalk
44-50 Charcoal
51-57 Hankerchief
58-63 Mice (1d4)
64-70 Deck of Cards
71-82 Useless Maps
83-92 Useful Map
93 Silver Coin
94 A Housekey
95 Important document, such as a deed or warrant
96 Minor dragon related item such as a statuette, scale shard, or bone fragment. May belong to a collector or hunter.
97 Book, handwritten (important or unimportant this will not go unnoticed)
98 Flip a coin. Tails: reroll on this table. Heads: it is a highly important item DMs discretion on what that item actually is)
99 Flip a coin and have the player call it. If they were correct it is a real gold coin. If not it is counterfeit. Leave the player uninformed for extra fun.
00 The item that you really wanted from that shop (this requires having been to a shop within the time since last rolling, it has to be something that was in the shop/stall that was explicitly mentioned by the klepto or by someone to the klepto, if no shop has been visited or no item mentioned then it is something they wanted from a party member either way it has to be at least feasible that they could have gotten away with it in their possession.)
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