Wingless (3.5e Trait)

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Your body reject wings completely, but the will to fly is still within you.
Prerequisite: Member of a race with wings.
Benefit: You have a +10 bonus to Jump checks and a bonus feat.
Drawback: You do not have wings. You may never obtain wings by any means as long as you have this trait, nor any fly speeds associated with them. Likewise, take a -1 to all Diplomacy and Handle Animal checks to creatures with wings.
Roleplaying Ideas: Your character could feel any number of things about not having wings, but should probably feel something. The fact that they can't have them might be a surprise to the character that they then must deal with. Either way, a character with this trait should have a distaste for those who do have wings, be it jealousy, distaste for wings themselves, etc.

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