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Dat Booty Doe

Due to genetics or the perfect exercise routine, you have a slim waist but have been blessed with wide hips and a rather plump derriere. Unfortunately, your curvaceousness comes with a few drawbacks.
Benefit: +2 to Diplomacy and Bluff checks made when interacting with characters attracted to voluptuousness. (at DM's discretion), +2 to Perform (Dance) checks made to perform dances that emphasize the hips or buttocks. (ie: Bellydancing, "twerking", etc...)
Drawback: You suffer a -2 penalty on all Balance, Escape Artist, and Tumble checks. (You may have cushion in all the right places, but your curviness hinders your agility), You also suffer a -4 penalty to Disguise checks when attempting to wear a mundane disguise that alters your body shape. Magical disguises (such as disguise self or alter self) do not incur this penalty.
Special: You must have a humanoid type body with a feminine structure. You do not benefit from this trait when wearing medium or heavy armor.
Roleplaying Ideas: Characters with this trait may be proud of their figure and use it to their advantage. Alternatively, they may be shy or embarrassed when people focus on their curves. Either way, characters with this trait often attract a fair bit of attention at bars and taverns.

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