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You think too much about what you're saying, and you tend to mix languages because of it.
Prerequisite: Know 5+ Languages (Truespeak and Arcane Magic count as languages for this purpose)
Benefit: Being that you chose your words so carefully, Arcane spells, Bard spells, and Truespeak come easier, although slower, to you.
  • Arcane: Arcane spells you cast gain a +5 to the saving throw to resist them, and if they require a ranged touch attack gain a +5 to that as well.
  • Bardic Spells: Increase all numeric variables by three for bardic spells you cast. For example, the 0 level Common Knowledge would give a +4 insight bonus insted of a +1.
  • Truespeak: As truespeak is nothing but picking your words carefully, Truespeakers gain a +5 competence bonus to all Truespeak checks.
Drawback: When casting spells, or talking (including Truespeak), it takes more time to get the words out, as you need to over-think each syllable. This can be ignored with a DC 20 Concentration check. Add 5 to the DC for each time per day you attempt to override over-thinking.

If the casting time is usually a swift action, it is now a standard action. If it was a standard action, it becomes a Full round action. If it was a Full round Action, it now takes two rounds. As a general rule of thumb for longer casting times, double them.

Additionally, if you are Overresearched, you have problems talking in only one language at once, and so take a -2 on all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Information checks, as well as any other check involving speaking. An Overresearched person does not incur this penalty when dealing with another Overresearched person, and only a -1 if the other person knows every language that the Overresearched person does. An Overresearched person also has problems giving verbal commands, such as to a Commanded Undead, or to a Golem, and so must succeed on a DC 10 concentration check, with a cumulative +2 to the DC each time per day they attempt to give commands in only one language.

An Overresearched's native tounge is the Garblespeak language.

If you are Overresearched you must succeed on a DC 15 will check at the beginning of each week or tumble into a gibbering despair, being unable to speak except in Garblespeak. At the end of any week in which you have failed you must make the check again to prevent staying in this state. While in a gibbering despair, you cannot speak decipherably in any language other than Garblespeak, and so cannot give commands or speak at all, other than in Garblespeak. You automatically fail all checks associated with speaking (Diplomacy, Bluff, etc.). If you attempt to cast any spells with verbal components, you have an 85% chance of Gibbering instead. After gibbering once, you can choose to gibber intentionally. An attempt to use Truespeak will always result in gibbering.

Gibbering (Su): You begin a constant gibbering as a full round action. All creatures (other than Gibbering Mouthers and the caster) within a 60-foot spread must succeed on a DC 15 Will save or be affected as though by a confusion spell for 1d4 rounds. This is a sonic mind-affecting compulsion effect. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected by the same gibbering for 24 hours. You cannot suppress this ability, meaning enemy and ally alike may become confused.
Special: There is a shortened version, due to complaints of it being too wordy.
Roleplaying Ideas: You used to think knowledge was everything. Now it's your everything. You subconsciously think over every single word you say, in every language you know. It's a lot of work for you, but people barely notice it. Your mind is in constant turmoil over words.

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