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You are an arcanist who is gifted in the art of illusion.
Prerequisite: You must be able to cast 1st-level arcane spells to take this trait.
Benefit: Your caster level is increased by +2 when casting Illusion spells or when activating an illusory spell-trigger device such as wands and staves.
Drawback: Your caster level when casting Conjuration, Evocation, Necromancy, or Trausmutation spells (choose two of these schools) is reduced by -2, and you find it difficult (20% chance to misfire) to activate wands or other spell-trigger devices that draw spells from any school except Illusion. If the spell-trigger device does misfire and consumes charges, it consumes twice as many charges as it normally would.
Roleplaying Ideas: Races with a natural knack for illusions, such as the fey-touched gnomes or anyone with the Nymph's Kiss feat, often possess this trait.

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