Xenophilia (3.5e Trait)

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|Name: Xenophilia

You have an extreme attraction to exotic species, though your interaction with your own kind suffer for it

|Benefit: When interacting with a character of an exotic species(exotic referring to races your race does not often interact with or is rarely seen by your kind, such as a Drow reacting to a human ), you get a +4 on all Charisma-based skill checks as well as a additional +1 to assisting an exotic species in skills or in adding to their Attack Bonus or AC.

|Drawback: You are naturally trusting of these exotic species and suffer a -2 to sense motive on said creatures and a -2 to spot and listen when one is within 60ft of you.

|Roleplay: Your character may be less inclined to keep company with their own kind, preferring the company of other more exciting creatures

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