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You are someone whom everyone finds to be unnaturally adorable and cute. This may sometimes happen even when you don't realize it or do not want it to happen due to the attention it brings. Or maybe you know that you're adorable and wish to use it to further your goals in life.
Benefit: Non-hostile creatures are one step friendlier towards you than normal (to a maximum of Friendly). This is only an 'initial attitude' - if you take any actions that harm or offend them, their attitude will adjust appropriately.
Drawback: Sadly you're so adorable that people tend to not take you seriously and tend to brush you off. You take a -2 to Intimidation, bluff, diplomacy, and gather information checks due to them not taking you seriously.
Roleplaying Ideas: Characters with this trait usually are younger and are the younger brother/sister of other party members or NPC's. They tend to be ditzy and very lovable and sometimes clingy. They also can get flustered easily and somewhat annoyed when people tell them "That's nice dear".

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