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Wealthy Family [General][edit]

Your family is rather well-off, possibly due to a lucrative merchant trade, or even nobility; you enjoy a one-time benefit to your starting finances.
Benefit: The character's starting wealth increases to 900 gp.
Drawback: The character takes a -4 penalty to all Appraise checks, and only earns 75% as much experience as normal until second level, reflecting his coddled nature and being unable to fully appreciate the value of his treasures and the effort other, less affluent adventurers must contribute in order to be successful.
Normal: A Character normally is receives starting wealth based on their class.
Roleplaying Ideas: Lyon Stahl is a young human Knight with distant blood ties to the seat of the local county in Lionel. Despite this distance, and unlikeliness to ever rule over the county, his status as a noble affords his family some influence, and the family has accrued some wealth over a period of time.

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