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Dragon Power Mark [General 3.5e trait][edit]

A rune drawn on the back of the shoulder in turn gives the ability of using dragon powers
Prerequisite: no set prerequisites
Benefit: 1 per every character level you have a day, as a full round action, You can activate a sprite dragon state. This state give you 1.5 x Strength and allows flight. Your fly speed is your land speed + 30ft with poor maneuverability. If you already had the ability to fly, then add 30ft and raise the maneuverability up by one. Activating this create a translucent "spirit" half dragon around you. You may deactivate it as a move action.
Drawback: Must have dragon blood somewhere in your family tree. If you don't, it would become an improperly applied dragon power mark and in return, will do 1d4 untyped damage to the user per turn when in use. While activated, you are treated as a Dragon Type for feats, spells and weapons that are use on you.
Roleplaying Ideas: Roleplaying a character with this trait is a lot like Roleplaying a half-dragon

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