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Electrical Generator[edit]

You have electrical energy flowing through your body.
Prerequisite: Corporeal
Benefit: You can charge your unarmed attacks and attacks with metal weapons for 1 extra point of damage, an electrical element designation, and the opponent must make a fortitude save (DC of 10) or become stunned for 1 turn. You can also use a lightning attack that can reach up to 20 feet in front of you that deals 2d4 points of damage. All electrical damage dealt to you is halved.
Drawback: Due to the constant crackling of energy your body makes, you take a -5 penalty to all move silently checks. You also have an increased metabolism, so you must eat twice the amount of food that you normally need. When you contact water and you're not drinking it you must make a fortitude save (DC of 20) or you will discharge and damage yourself for 8 points of damage and hit everyone within 30 feet of you (friend and foe) for 4 points of damage. This fortitude save must be made every 10 minutes when swimming or in rain.
Special: You cannot have the Negative Energy Conduit trait with this trait at the same time.
Roleplaying Ideas: Your character might be a little sensitive about their condition or they might just joke about it. Your character might have been struck by lightning at birth or something like that.

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