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Your head has become detached from your body.
Benefit: +2 on intimidation checks.
Drawback: While your head is no longer attached with flesh to your shoulders, it does not mean you are without a head, just that it can be removed with enough force. You cannot use this flaw if your head has been permanently reattached (sewn on, magically reattached, etc.). Most characters will choose to leave their head in its rightful place on their shoulders, but a headless character may remove their head at will. Whenever a character with this flaw takes bludgeoning or force damage, he or she must make a Fortitude or Reflex Save against the damage or their head falls off and lands randomly in an adjacent square. If a character's head is removed from the shoulders during combat, but the head can see the enemy, the enemy is treated as having partial concealment (20% miss chance). If the enemy is no longer visible, the body is treated as blind (50% miss chance). A headless character's body and head still function as normal, including speaking, bodily movement, and any forms of consumption.

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