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Hooded [General][edit]

This Character always wears a hood.
Prerequisite: Any non-Evil alignment, Must possess and wear a Hood.
Benefit: Grants a bonus equal to character level to Charisma-based skills when dealing with any Non-Good characters. The large Hood also grants limited protection versus being blinded by bright light or Gaze attacks (bonus determined by the DM).
Drawback: Always wearing a hood is a suspicious act under most normal circumstances (ie, nice weather, indoors, at night, or during a conversation). This behavior attracts the unwanted attention of Guards who will harass and challenge the Hooded character who has "ONE chance" to prove they aren't "up to No Good." (must pass a Diplomacy or Bluff check DC 18 or be detained/imprisoned). Resisting arrest will likely lead to being restrained by force; Immediately initiate a Grapple check. This difficulty may be increased or decreased based on environmental factors (cold/inclement weather) and situation (recent crime in the area). In addition, this also grants a penalty to Spot, Search, Listen or any perception related skill while the Hood is worn).
Roleplaying Ideas: This character is proof that not everything in the shadows is necessarily evil or bad. Though most people (regardless of alignment) will assume the Hooded character is hiding some malevolence, they are fortunate enough to be granted the benefit of the doubt and in turn will give others ONE chance to prove they are also not Evil. Sometimes this character hunts down people/creatures deemed "bad" to either turn them from their evil ways or simply kill them. During an intense moment, slowly pulling back the Hood to reveal features may be done for dramatic effect.

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