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Campaign Setting


Over the Horizon[edit]

From the cold glacial fronts of the North, to the dry dune heat of the south, Valgora is home to Wastes of all types. These environments can test the hearts and minds of the greatest of men. How will you handle them?

Waste Locations[edit]

Hot Wastes[edit]

Darshul Field
The Yrengian waste and battlefield
Thrall's Desert
The Island of Hesjing's heat zone around Mt. Hurthi
Vargach Valley
The desert surrounding Sykuin within Drexsistan

Cold Wastes[edit]

Frostfrail Plains
The majority of the country of Blüdfrost
Frostfell Rift
An area inside the country of Blüdfrost

Waste Walker Character Options[edit]


Direfrost Knight
The Direfrost Knight is a prestige class for characters in cold waste environments
Dune Walker
The Dune Walker is a prestige class for characters in waste environments
The Sandbinder is a base class for characters in waste environments

Prestige Classes[edit]

Blüdfrost Cavalier
The Atlantean Cavalier is an arctic PrC with a focus on mounted combat.
Direfrost Knight
The Direfrost Knight is an arctic arcane character.
Thrallian Cavalier
The Thrallian Cavalier is a jungle PrC with a focus on mounted combat.


Earthy Camouflage
This camouflage is designed to aid adventurers in blending in with the earth
Frostfrail Bow
The Frostfrail Bow is a large bow made from the bones of waste creatures


Blüdfrost Endurance
Blüdfrost Endurance is a feat for cold environment endurance
Child of the Desert
Child of the Desert is a feat for characters born in the waste
Desert Fortitude
Desert Fortitude helps players in waste environments survive
Desert Regeneration
Desert Regeneration allows faster healing for desert races who meet the prerequisets.
Earthen Grace
Earthen Grace is a class feat for Dune Walkers
Frostfrail Adaptation
Frostfrail Adaptation is a feat for high altitude endurance
Relentless Grappler
Relentless Grappler is a class feat for Dune Walkers
Shifting Form
Shifting Form is a class feat for Dune Walkers
Waste Walker
Waste Walker assists a character traveling over sand and ice


The Balance Skill can assist characters when traveling across sand and ice
Knowledge (Geography)
The Knowledge (Geography) Skill will assist in desert navigation when minimal guide points exist


Frostfrail Haze
The Frostfrail Haze summons forth a blinding snow and ice storm that obscures vision and causes damage


Cold Homeland
Cold Homeland is a trait for characters born and raised in cold environments

Waste Races[edit]

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