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I'm not going to be around to feel the fallout of this. Time to bunker down and disappear.
—Jean-Luke, Fighter
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D20 Campaign Setting

Valgora: An Old World Awaits. For the Valgora of the distant future, please see here. The official campaign setting of the Quilt City OgresWEB

Player Information

Player's Handbook
Advice on Creating Characters
The many races of Valgora.
Weapons Locker
Valgorian weapons, vehicles, and other equipment
Organizations and Societies
Notable Groups, Companies, and Organizations in Valgora.
This is the who's who of Valgora.

World Reference

The history of Valgora.

About Valgora

Running Valgora

Game Master's Guide
Advice for implementing a valgorian campaign
Monster Manual
Savage Species of Valgora
Unearthed Arcana
Alternative rules and options for valgorian campaigns
Adventure Hooks
These adventure hooks are set in the Valgora setting.
The maps and geographic layout of Valgora

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