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Standard Ogre Logo (Quilt City Variant)

The Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts, colloquially known simply as the O.G.R.E.s or Ogres, is the name of a growing gaming organization promoting tabletop gaming. Rooted in the midwest United States, the organization is slowly expanding as groups take on the moniker. Chapters exist to help promote gaming and network together regional gamers. The Organization is a non-profit based in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, currently seeking 501(c)(7) status.


The group started in Las Vegas, Nevada as a RPGA-only group. After discovering they could not be called the Sin City RPGA due to legalities associated with Wizards of the Coast, a member-vote was held and the moniker of O.G.R.E.s was adopted. Years later, a group in Kentucky located the club via the internet and also adopted the moniker. They began to branch out and eventually formed the legal group, OGREs Inc.. Sadly, OGREs has closed the doors and is no longer around.

Chapter Structure[edit]

The structure, play style, and gaming schedule of a particular chapter may vary greatly from another. The organization is based off the gaming habits and abilities/availabilities of the gamers directly involved, and as such is extremely variable on a chapter to chapter basis.

Founding a Chapter[edit]

As an unofficial moniker, anyone may form a chapter to help give a persona to their group's (or town's/region's) gaming lifestyle. Typically, the name consists of [Your Town's Nickname Here] Ogres (i.e. Las Vegas is referred to as Sin City, hence the name Sin City Ogres). Logos and chapter-specific recruitment information can then be passed around with the name. Using the logo of another chapter (while altering the chapter name portion) is encouraged.

Benefits of O.G.R.E.[edit]

By creating a persona for your gaming group, you provide the region with an easily-identifible and remembrable name in which they can use to network into your gaming circle. Proper recruitment and word-spreading in your town's gaming centers (i.e. Comic Shops, Game sections at book stores, game stores, etc.) can increase your pool of available players drastically, and hopefully create lifelong friends.


To search for a chapter or view chapters by region and location, utilize the Chapter Portal

Ogres Membership Handbook[edit]

To view the wiki version of the Ogres Membership Handbook, please click here.


For a listing of active Ogres who contribute to D&Dwiki, please see here. For a more immediate response, please see the Officers at OgresWiki.

External Links[edit]

  • Official Website[1]
  • Facebook Group[2]
  • Wizards of the Coast Community Group[3]

Chapter Websites[edit]

  • Quilt City Ogres[4]
  • Vegas Gamers/Sin City Ogres[5]

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