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I need to have these requisition forms for new drillheads down to Regenia in accounting by 5
—Knett-Knu, Kennet & Ko. Manager
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Campaign Setting

The battle-hardened orcs perfectly flesh with the scarred and barren fields of Yrengia which they call home.
—Sir TwoTone Trollbane, Tips for Travelers

War Chief Rual Saurfang
Predominant Race
Predominant Language
Predominant Religion


The orc-led lands of Yrengia is the largest Member Country of Malsvir, and its capital of Sternford serves as the de fact capital of Malsvir when the King is away or in-between reigns (or when Yrengia has the reigning monarch). The land is one of only two places (the other being the now-Malsvir member country of Holnstead) to have any real knowledge of combat from actual experience, as the two waged a bloody racial feud for many years. Though racial tensions are still high between the Yrengian Orcs and the Holnstead Minotaurs, the two share a mutual respect for the combat valor of the other.

Major Settlements & Regions


Sternford is the jungle born capital, and serves a huge metropolitian area. The country's largest military base and civilian settlement converge to form this greatly fortified city.


Azule on the northern border of Ghikva, where half orcs usually travel to get away from the pressures of living in one of their parent societies. The recent settlement is named in honor of Azule StrongArm, a famous Valgorian Half-Orc.


Humans have a large settlement in the east of the country, Fruansboro. Human women from this country are known for their sexual deviance in wishing to be ravaged by the orcs of the land. This has led to a small rebel human male group that wishes to overthrow the current government. An orc war post is stationed nearby in case anything gets out of hand.

Culture of Yrengia

National Leaders

Country head is War Chief Rual Saurfang. He rules with an iron fist, and is known to have only ever been friendly once - to the Ghikvan Military leader of Carallion: War Lord Kell, with whom he shares a common love for the battlefield. Honorary Staff Sergeant Tridek Grullon has became a national icon and is the most decorated gladiator in the countries' history. His mate, the human Tabetha Rellington (as well as whatever dame he wished), is admired and coveted by orc and human females alike.

National Sport

The most common form of recreation is the Gladiator's Arena. Many great warriors have made their fortunes and met their maker in it's service.

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