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"Good luck finishing the page!"

Yo! The name's EpicBoss99. Welcome to my page!! I joined this wiki on November 5th, 2017, and since then it's been nothing but fun! Creative writing is my passion, and it's so fun to have a community to share and collaborate with. As soon as I found out about this wiki and the amazing Homebrew creations that people have made, I had to join in on the fun!

I first learned how to play D&D 5th Edition in early October 2017. This was the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons that I was introduced to, and I learned how to play Pathfinder in January 2018. My favorite official race is the aarakocra, and I primarily focus on making classes, equipment, armor, weapons, and other creations to support the aarakocra and other avian races that I have created!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to begin a new conversation on this page's discussion page! I'll be happy to talk to you! :)

Currently Playing[edit]

Completed Campaigns[edit]

Level 14 Rito Aviator (Marksman) in a Homebrew setting (Fate: Alive, Good Ending)

Level 2 Human Ornithologist in a Homebrew setting (Fate: Dead, killed by gunshot wound)

Level 3 Aarakocra Paladin (Oath of Redemption) in a Homebrew setting (Fate: Inactive)

Level 2 Aarakocra Cleric (Life Domain) in a Homebrew setting (Fate: Inactive)

To-Do List[edit]

Homebrew Creations[edit]

This is the stuff that I've created. I believe that there's always room for improvement, so feel free to express your opinions on my creations in their discussion pages! :)


Birds (5e Creature) - Categorizing the Birds of D&D Wiki! :)


Aarakocra (5e Variant) - My version of my favorite D&D playable race! :)

Aarakocra (Pathfinder) - Just in case I ever play Pathfinder... ;)

Avilus - Small birb that flies super fast.

Decidueye - My favorite Pokémon as a D&D playable race!!!

Featherborn (Human Variant) - What I would play if I played as a human in a campaign. :)

Inkling - Wanted to make this because I just recently got Splatoon 2! :D

Minotaur (Variant) - Made for a good friend in real life. Also good practice using the Musicus Meter! :D

Risen Animal (Variant) - My version of this race by CherryHolley!

Rito - My version of my favorite race from the Legend of Zelda series! (Also made while playing Breath of the Wild ;) )

Slate - Humanoid creatures that are super good at acting. As an actor myself, I got this idea while rehearsing for a show! :)

Classes & Subclasses:[edit]

Aviator - Flying around at the speed of sound.

Falconer - Like Druid but with birds. :)

Ornithologist - I am mad scientist. It's so coooooooool.

Score Maniac - Really big numbers!!

Air Domain (Cleric Subclass) - Fly around on your own pair of wings as you use divine winds against your foes!

Circle of the Feather (Druid Subclass) - A mashup of my other classes rolled into one to make a subclass for Druid! :)


Air Acrobat - Like an entertainer but with flying and aerial stunts.


Talonsbane - Footwear for the aarakocra, making their talons even more powerful!

Staff of the Redeemer - A weapon designed specifically for the Oath of Redemption Paladin subclass. :)

Great Eagle Bow - Revali's bow is now in D&D 5e!!

Swallow Bow - Can't make a Rito variant without making their weapons!

Feathered Edge - More Rito weapons are always nice!

Feathered Spear - Easily my favorite spear in Breath of the Wild!

Paladin's Gauntlets - For the paladins that like to punch stuff. :)


Forceful Breeze - My go-to spell whenever I play a spellcasting class! :)


Armor of the Feathered Wing - Ever wanted to fly while wearing heavy armor? Now you can!

Kite Shield - My first shield on D&D Wiki!

Snowquill Armor - By far my favorite armor in BOTW!!


Pendant of Syranita - A special artifact that the aarakocra hold dear to them (My first homebrew creation!!)

Ring of the Lycanthrope - A ring that lets you become the ultimate lycanthrope, or rid yourself of the curse forever.

Aviator's Goggles - Goggles designed to protect your eyes while flying!

Bracer of Inseparable Bonds - The bond between man and bird cannot be broken.

Air Capsule - Used to refuel my Extreme Gear vehicle! :D

Feather Mask - A fun cursed mask inspired by Magierpichu's Dragon Mask!

Decidium Z - Hooray!! Z-Moves in D&D! :D

Ornithology Kit - Birb scientist starter pack. :3

Binoculars - Miniature telescopes for the eyes.


Extreme Gear - A Vehicle from my favorite Sonic game: Sonic Riders!!! :)

Divine Beast Vah Medoh - It's a bird! It's a plane!'s both actually.


Primal Fighter - Unarmed Strike support without making Monk OP. :)

Adept Aviator - Flying has never been so beneficial!

Fantastic Role-Player - And scene.


Bluebird - Birds with really good singing voices.

Werepasserine - There aren't enough bird lycanthropes. This fixes that problem. :)

Golden Eagle - Yay! More birds!! :D

Peregrine Falcon - Because I'm in a campaign that requires a CR 1/4 companion and there wasn't a bird of prey with that CR yet. :3

Harpy Eagle - Inspired by this video by Great Big Story.

Cardinal - More small birds! Yay! :D

Blue Jay - My favorite animal! ❤

Magpie - Crows that graduated from Harvard.

Crowned Eagle - The big bad boss of the raptors.

Adult Feather Dragon - My version of a dragon! :)


Wild Winds - Big tornados that catapult winged creatures through the air at high-speeds.

Variant Rules:[edit]

Wind Damage - This rule makes things WAY more understandable when it comes to air-based attacks. We got fire damage, so why not wind damage?

Werecreature Overhaul - Let's make playing as a werecreature FAR more interesting! >:)

Blessings & Charms:[edit]

Revali's Gale - Okay I finally figured out what to make this! Didn't know blessings existed until now haha


Divine Beast Vah Medoh - Oh boy, you gotta fight a demon-lookin thing on top of a giant robot eagle.

Homebrew Contributions[edit]

These items are created by other users that I've significantly contributed to in some way. I gotta give credit to the great work that they've done!

Musicus Expansion by ConcealedLight

Hyrule (5e Campaign Setting) by Guy (See below for pages I've contributed to)

Fighter Class - Added archer subclass.

Hebra Province - More locations added, rewording, more detail on Rito Village.

Daruk's Protection - Quote added, rewording.

Mipha's Grace - Quote added, rewording.

Falconer (5e Background) by Finwell

Azalith Plectrum (5e Equipment) by user without Username

Ring of Meta Gaming (5e Equipment) by user without Username

Scarf Of The Vermilion Bird (5e Equipment) by Zerkerleo

Yo-Yo (5e Equipment) by Koby Riley

Supernatural Index (5e Equipment) by user without Username

Ring of Knowledge (5e Equipment) by Jinxitty

Archaeology Kit (5e Equipment) by Starrybright

Heavy Weapons Master (5e Feat) by user without Username

Practiced Spell (5e Feat) by user without Username

Time Domain (5e Subclass) by D'Artagnan

Ranger, Variant (5e Class) by Tubal-Cain

Aven (5e Race) by user without Username

Crocadilian (5e Race) by user without Username

Mobian, Variant (5e Race) by Timotheus

Sobruaro (5e Race) by Varkarrus

Earth Giant (5e Race) by RodRegaz Black, Geodude671, and ConcealedLight

Phantom (Typhon Anthrophantasmus) (5e Race) by CoAxialMachineGun

DuelSoulBlade Shadow Vampelf (5e Race) by the D&D Wiki community

Gallataur (5e Race) by Good Ol' Critty McFail

Spirit Bird (5e Spell) by user without Username

Aerostrike (5e Spell) by Biosnatcher147

Froststrike (5e Spell) by Biosnatcher147

Homebrew Favorites[edit]

These are some of my favorite creations that other users have made. I didn't contribute to any of these, but these are the creations made by others that I like the most.

Falco? (5e Optimized Character Build) - I'm totally using this in a campaign one day.

Mystical Archer (5e Feat) - This is beautiful.

Astute Mind (5e Feat) - I really really like this feat. I think I might playtest it soon.. >:)

Master Archer (5e Feat) - I need to use this feat with my next Rito character!!

Wereowl (5e Creature) - Yay! Bird Lycanthropes are cool! :D

Innkeeper (5e Background) - I feel like this background would be REALLY fun to play.

Mechanised Arm Crossbow (5e Equipment) - One of the coolest weapons I've ever seen on D&D Wiki!!

Eagle Bow (5e Equipment) - I might use this with my Falconer class! :D

Advanced Mutation Bottle (5e Equipment) - I absolutely love how crazy this item is!

Coyouin (5e Race) - Friendly shark race! I like it! :D

Phoenixhearted (5e Race) - Cool stuff! :)

Solar Knight (5e Class) - Praise the sun!!

Wind Blade (5e Class) - A VERY cool wind swordsman class. Reminds me of Yasuo from League of Legends. :)

Shapeshifter (5e Class) - Another class that looks very fun to play.

Folk Deity (5e Class) - Playing as a deity in D&D sounds really really fun!!

Phantom Thief (5e Class) - A Gentleman Vigilante!! VERY fun!

Bulwark (5e Class) - I really like the defensive play style that this class offers!!

Way of the Fleet Foot (5e Subclass) - I really really like this subclass! I'm definitely going to use it someday! :)

Anchor Howl (5e Spell) - This would be an AWESOME spell for someone who has a ton of AC!!

Air Slash (5e Spell) - Any time I play any sort of spell-caster, I will always take this cantrip! :D

Temporal Blur (5e Spell) - This looks really REALLY fun to pull off!

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