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This set of tools include brushes, trowels, a small mesh screen, measuring tape, and other equipment necessary for conducting an archaeological dig. All the tools are neatly packed into a small tin box with a handle on the lid for carrying.

If you are proficient in the Archaeology kit, you may double your proficiency bonus on Investigation skill checks involving the discovery of ancient fossils and artifacts as well as on History skill checks regarding their past. You can also use the tools found in the kit to dig for artifacts and fossils in sites where they can be found. On a successful Investigation skill check, you can deduce whether or not your current location could be a possible digging site. Once you have confirmed the location of a digging site, you can make a Sleight of Hand skill check to dig the artifact or fossil up from the ground. If you fail this skill check, the artifact or fossil is destroyed. Alternatively, if the artifact or fossil is of a certain hardness, your tools are destroyed and you must spend 20gp and 1d4 hours of work to repair them.

Cost: 25 gp
Weight: 15 lbs

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