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The Ornithologist's kit is everything an Ornithologist needs to conduct their research, including 3 dozen colored ankle bands in six different colors, banding pliers, two clap-net traps, a caliper, a pair of telescopic aluminum poles, a writing quill, two sealed inkwells, 30 sheets of parchment, and a clipboard. All of these tools are neatly and comfortably packed into a leather satchel.

If you are proficient in the Ornithology kit, you may double your proficiency bonus on all Animal Handling and Nature skill checks involving birds and their behavior. Additionally, you can also use the clap-net trap provided in the kit to capture a bird creature with a successful Animal Handling skill check, provided that you are in a place where that creature can be found. Once a bird is captured with the clap-net trap, you can use your banding pliers to attach a colored ankle band to the bird, allowing you to track its movements and location. Attaching an ankle band requires a Sleight of Hand skill check.

Cost: 10 gp
Weight: 8 lbs.

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