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Name's Tubal, I'm blunt, honest, and like people to be blunt and honest with me.

Ongoing Works[edit]

Currently resigning DND into a FF7 themed world, class and materia system (about 95% complete, testing all the mechanics with my players) while also creating a job system similar to FF5 (about 10% complete). I will probably be moving to a new page once these systems are complete.


Scouring classes to make sure they are well polished and don't end up confusing players.
Been pretty absent as of late with all my DMing and system overhauling, I will occasionally be adding classes and such and will try to get on to perform updates more often than I have been.

Next Up[edit]

Still need to put up the engineer and force adept classes I have complete.

Current Projects:[edit]

Works that just need editing and feedback.

5e Classes[edit]

5e Races[edit]


Projects that just need to be converted to dandwiki or just need a little more work.

5e Classes[edit]

5e Spells[edit]

  • Psionic Barrier: It's done, just needs uploading, obviously for psionic classes (hands off Wizard!)


  • Challenge Rating Chart: For high level play, gives tips for increasing difficulty of Challenging ratings and how it changes their CR and gives EXP values for up to CR 54.

Future Works[edit]

Projects that are barely conceptualized.


5e Races[edit]

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