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As a falconer, you have spent years strengthening the bonds between yourself and your bird of prey. What led you to become a falconer? Was it a love for birds? Were you driven by your need to hunt for survival? Was it a hobby growing up? Or was it a need to master nature's predators of the air? Who trained you in falconry, or was it simply the bond between man and bird that helped you master the ancient art yourself? How do you employ your skill? Do you work as a messenger or perhaps a scout for a group of mercenaries? What species of raptor did you obtain and how did you come to acquire your companion? These are just a few questions to help you flesh out your inner raptor.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Nature

Tool Proficiencies: Falconry kit and one type of artisan’s tools

Equipment: A Falconry kit, a trained bird of prey, a set of traveler's clothes, three days worth of rations, a set of artisan's tools of your choice, and a pouch containing 10 gp.


The falconer is a master of training birds of prey. They can deploy their feathered friends to act as spies, messengers and even combatants in hostile situations. The amount of time falconers spend with their bird companions and the bond they create with these avian creatures create an awe-inspiring effect. Falconers of different professions tend to specialize in a specific species of bird to train, most commonly the vulture, the eagle, the hawk, and the owl. Choose one of these four creatures to become your bird companion. If you already receive an animal companion from a class feature and your animal companion is a bird, your animal companion is treated as your bird companion for this background's feature.

d4 Specialization
1 Vulture
2 Eagle
3 Hawk
4 Owl

Feature: Avian Scout

As a Falconer, you can employ the capture, use, and companionship of a bird of prey. You can spend your downtime to train a bird of prey to perform special tricks, beyond the usual techniques of hunting and returning. Each trick takes 10 days of downtime.

Perfect Return: The bird will return to you when called regardless of other distractions.

Follow: You can use a bonus action to direct your bird to follow one creature you point to. You can track your bird by listening for its bell or spotting its tassel.

Distract: You can use a bonus action to direct your bird to distract a creature you point to. On its turn, the bird will fly to the target and take the Help action to distract the target each turn until you call it to return.

Suggested Characteristics

Falconers come from many walks of life. As professionals working with a creature, they sometimes come out more nuanced than people who don't have close bonds with something outside their usual circles.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I talk only when absolutely necessary. I let my skill in combat speak for me.
2 I have great pride in myself and my companion. I'm not afraid to let everyone know.
3 I am always cheerful! What I learned from my bird companion is that the best things in life are born from merriment.
4 My closest friend and comrade is my bird companion. All other attempts at friendship are irrelevant.
5 I use my skills to earn coin. That's all. There's no use being attached.
6 People are all too noisy and complicated compared to birds.
7 I often stray alone with my bird companion to hone our combat skills together. We have a diligent regimen.
8 I think my partner and I are the light in the darkness of this corrupt world.
d6 Ideal
1 Freedom . I live by my own rules. Whatever benefits my bird companion and I is what I fight for. (Chaotic)
2 Ambition. I will become the greatest falconer this world has ever known! Nothing will stand in my way. (Any)
3 Cautious. Mother Nature is a dangerous being. Her creations should always be treated with respect and care. (Neutral)
4 Self-Preservation. If people can't risk their lives for their own needs, why should I do the same for them? It's survival of the fittest out here, after all. (Neutral)
5 Justice. Anyone who would bring harm to that which is innocent and good will pay. (Good)
6 Forgiving. Mercy is a virtue, and wisdom is its savior. (Good)
d6 Bond
1 My bird companion is my closest friend. I don't leave my friends behind.
2 With the help of my feathered friend I will lay waste to those who ruined my life so many years ago.
3 Touch my belongings and you will lose a few fingers. Touch me and you will lose a hand. Touch my raptor and you will lose your head.
4 I have a very deep secret. I use my falconry hobby to keep my mind off of this secret.
5 I owe a great debt and should the chance to pay it arise I will do whatever it takes to pay it.
6 I view any who oppose my goals as enemies I will send to the afterlife.
d6 Flaw
1 I have a horrific past that I'd prefer to keep to myself. My bird companion helped me to accept the grief that I've experienced.
2 I committed a terrible crime that is beyond forgiveness. I work as a falconer every day to make up for it.
3 I'm forever in the debt of a great benefactor. I'd do anything to repay him no matter the cost.
4 I'm a terrible coward without my bird companion.
5 I never walk away from an insult. If you insult me or my bird companion, you're in for a world of pain, no matter who you are!
6 I refuse to help anyone who won't return the favor.

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