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Oh, Hi[edit]

How's it hanging? I'm just a guy who likes D&D and loves writing and creating things. I'm pretty new to D&D, I've only been playing for about a year and have been a DM for less than a year, but I can't help but think of cool classes and races I'd love to include in my games. Here's a list of things I've done


The only class I've finished on here so far is: Detective (5e Class) I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm always looking for feed back to improve.


I've made quite a few races in my short amount of time on this site, those are: Automaton, Corivilus, Gallataur (5e Race), Half-Dwarf, Variant, Homunculus, Variant (5e Race), Serfrar (5e Race), Squirrelfolk and Xenomorph (5e Race). Races I've edited and/or improved on include: Spiderfolk (5e Race)


Among the lists above I have also created the following: The Force (5e Deity)

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