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School of the Magician[edit]

Wizards of the School of the Magician are of a rather unique type. They embody and embrace the stereotypes surrounding magicians, waving their magic wands around and pulling rabbits out of their top hats. Rather than carrying a book around with them and crunching facts to learn their magic, wizards under the School of the Magician master the art of using wands, staves, and rods, pushing these magical items further than they could possibly go under the ownership of another creature.

Wand & Staff Mastery

When you take this subclass at the 2nd level, you have learned how to create a magic item from which you can cast spells. Choose one 1st Level spell in your spellbook. If you have an arcane focus, it magically transforms into a wand or a quarterstaff. It takes on any physical appearance and material of your choice, as long as its selling value remains the same as your original arcane focus. It is still treated as an arcane focus and is treated as an uncommon magical item. Your new wand or staff holds 7 charges. From this new item, you can cast the 1st Level spell you chose at the cost of 1 charge. Your wand or staff regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand or staff's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, your wand or staff crumbles into ashes and is destroyed. If this happens, create a new staff or wand using the same process, but it will only have the 1st level spell you chose when you first used this feature. You can only have one wand or staff created from this feature existing at a time. At the 14th level, you can create a second magic item using this feature.

Additionally, you can add new spells to wands and staffs. Doing so requires 1d4 hours of extensive labor and effort. During this time, you can take any spell from your spellbook and place it into a wand or staff in your possession. Items that you place spells into can only hold a maximum of four spells, including the spells they already hold. Once you have taken a spell out of your spellbook, you must make an Arcana skill check (DC 15 + the level of the spell) to make sure you are capable of placing the spell into the wand safely. On a failed save, the transfer is unsuccessful and the spell returns to your spellbook. If you are successful, the spell is removed from your spellbook and is placed into the wand or staff you created with this feature. The number of charges that must be expended for the spell to be cast is determined by your DM. Regardless of your success, you cannot attempt to transfer the same spell to your wand or staff again for 24 hours.

Magically Charged

Also at the 2nd Level, any staff or wand you wield gains 1 additional charge. The number of charges you gain from this feature increases to 2 at the 6th level, to 3 at the 10th level, and to 4 at the 14th level.

Safety First

At the 6th level, wands and staves you wield cannot be broken or destroyed after expending their last charge. In addition, you learn the concealment cantrip. This cantrip doesn't count against the maximum number of cantrips you know. You can use this cantrip to conceal any wand, rod, or staff in your possession, even if it is larger than 1 cubic foot in size.

Magician's Trickery

At the 10th level, spells that you cast from magical items seem to be more potent than your standard spell. If you cast a spell or use a feature from a wand, staff, or rod that deals damage or restores Hit Points, it deals an additional 1d8 damage of the spell's damage type or restores an additional 1d6 Hit Points. If you cast a spell or use a feature from a wand, staff, or rod that forces the target to make a saving throw, the spell save DC of that spell increases by 2.

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