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About Me[edit]

I've noticed this wiki is lacking cute things, I must create and add more cute things. I'm going to help balance some things though.

My Contributions[edit]



Variant Rules[edit]

Reworked Pages[edit]

Major Reworks[edit]




1st Level Spells[edit]

Minor Reworks[edit]


To Do[edit]

  • I must add more types of animal ears on Kemonomimi
  • Need to rebalance and add more fluff to Half-Tengu
  • Considering how to buff Phantom Thief's early levels without it being too OP
  • I might've over buffed the Soulknife, but I'll see how it goes, and make more changes later
  • Depending on what happens, I might change how Summon Astral Beast works
  • Keeping a eye on Shrine Maiden to make sure these changes aren't OP.
  • Kaleido needs alot, and alot of nerfing, and reorganizing
  • Need to add that History and Society to Feyline before taking off those tags
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