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Cost: 75 gp
Weight: 1/4 lb.

Essential to any adventurer delving into the world of flight, these goggles are not only functional but stylish as well! They also serve as an indicator to other adventurers that the wearer is adept in the art of flying. Durable, lightweight, and extremely useful, this eye-wear is an absolute must to own and use!

Impeccable Vision. You can use a bonus action to put on or take off the goggles. While they are on your face and covering your eyes, you cannot be blinded. In addition, you can clearly see in a heavily obscured area where a form of air blocks vision, such as dense fog or smoke. However, this feature doesn't affect your ability to see in certain types of illumination, such as seeing in darkness or dim light.

Durability. These goggles were made to withstand the strong winds endured while flying, so it can be assumed that they're extremely durable. However, these goggles aren't indestructible. If a creature with a Strength Ability Score of 20 or more hits you with a non-magical melee attack, the goggles break after the attack and cannot be worn until they are repaired. Repairing the Aviator's Goggles requires the tinker's tools, 10gp for materials, and 1d4 hours of work.

Deluxe aviator goggles from Clockwork Steampunk Emporium

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