Scarf of the Vermilion Bird (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This scarf was made from the feathers of a legendary phoenix dubbed the Vermilion Bird. It is said that the manifestation of the phoenix's soul is sealed within the woven fabric, allowing the user to use healing magic the Vermilion Bird had at its disposal.

Feather Protection. While wearing the Scarf of the Vermilion Bird, you are immune to fire damage and resistant to cold damage. You also regain 1d10 hit points every hour (provided that you have at least 1 hit point remaining). If you lose a body part, the scarf causes the missing part to regrow and return to full functionality after 1d4 + 1 days.

Spells. The scarf has 6 charges that can be used to cast spells. You regain 1d4 + 2 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend all charges, roll a d20. On a 20, the scarf regains all charges. While wearing the scarf, you can use an appropriate action and the appropriate amount of charges to cast one of the following spells: feather fall (1 charge), lesser restoration (2 charges), greater restoration (4 charges) or revivify (5 charges).


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