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Minor Artifacts

Name CL Aura School Weight
Andarra's Rage 20th Strong (DC 35) Enchantment, Transmutation
Bellerophon's Spear
Blade of Wonder
Blades of Unending Venom 15th Moderate Transmutation, Necromancy, Divination 4 lbs
Blasphemy 10 Moderate Evocation 3 lbs
Claw Shield
Crown of Dal Quor 0 Strong Universal 1 lb.
Crown of Giant's Teeth 18 Strong 5 lbs
Dark Writing
Dice of Possibilities
Dragon Forge Strong Aura 15.2
Dragon Globe
Eclipse Blade 20th Strong Evocation 4 lbs.
Elven Sword of Corellon Larethian
Emerald Tablet
Enchantment Lectern 20th Strong (all schools) 750
Eyepot and Eyecup 20 Moderate transmutation 4 lbs (Teapot), 1 lbs (Teacup)
Feather Chain
Forever Stones
Full Plate of the Zen Disciple
Galaktas Soul
Gate of Evernight: Dragon God's Hoard
Girdle of Gluttony
Grimoire of Passing 21st Overwhelming necromancy (DC 25) 1 lb.
Heart of Air
Heart of Earth
Heart of Fire
Heart of Light
Heart of Void
Heart of Water
Helm of Zen Thought none Faint abjuration; (DC 19) 4 lbs.
Immobilus prime 40 strong transmutation 1 pound not used irrelevant when in use.
Iron Book of Ald'Ori
Lazarus Crystal 18 Moderate Conjuration 0.2
Madeline the Mad Mandolin
Magazine of Never-Ending Playboy
Oval Mace 10 Moderate Abjuration, Enchantment 10 lbs
Part of the Acacia Tree
Potion of UnDeath
Puzzle Treasure
Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water 9th Moderate Transmutation 2 lbs
Rings of Sorcery
Seneferu's Golden Lotus
Shifter's Blade 20th Strong transmutation and enchantment 3 lbs.
Shroedinger's Bag
Staff of Lepidopterus
Stone of Sympathy
Sutra of Hostile Musings
Svyb's Page
Terraformer 20 Moderate Transmutation 10
The Forbidden Fruit
The Predator's Embrace
The Ring of the Juggler 12 Strong conjuration
The Silver Hammer
The Spear of Gruumsh 1000 Epic Necromancy 10 lbs
Thread of Reality
True Love's Kiss
Valiant Steel
Vorpal Sword
Vyrgiliac’s Staff of the Abjurer
Warrior Rainment of Tamo
Weragen of Belrem

Incomplete Minor Artifacts

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