The Ring of the Juggler (3.5e Equipment)

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The Ring of the Juggler: The user must snap their fingers for a fireball to appear in their hand.

The Ring of the Juggler allows a character to control fire, being able to throw fireballs which deal (3d6 + 3 + caster level fire damage.) The ring does not have any form of charge; as it has limitless uses. However it must be charged each day to continue working. In order to charge the ring, the user has to take the fire from another source; you can absorb large quantities into the ring for later conflict. The fire from the ring cannot be restored into the ring unless it has been allowed to grow from an outside source. For example, you can not create a fire ball like a torch in your hand then return it back to your hand for later, but if you threw the fireball onto a fur-covered orc then you could absorb that fire. The wearer can also use it in defense against fire-based attacks (except for melee weapons). To determine if you are immune to the attack, roll a d10; on a 1-5 you take all damage from source, and on a 6-10 fire is under your control to use. The ring grants the wearer's hands immunity to fire.

Forge Ring, all appropriate spells; Price 100,000 gp
Strong conjuration; CL 12;

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