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Crown of Giant's Teeth: The Crown was owned by a Barbarian King who murdered giants as a way to feed his need for slaughter. The Crown is a Cold Iron band with the K-9 teeth of each type of giant. The band is covered scratches and cuts in the metal. As the Crown is touched, its weight seems to be overbearing. This will change once the crown is worn.

The Crown can be found in 5 pieces. Each piece is held by an elder of the barbarian tribes in the North. The pieces can be put back together by getting a blacksmith to reforge it in forge of a fire giant.

The Crown gives the wearer an aura of fear (DC 15), a bonus 10 to attacks against giants, and can summon the spirit of Wem Kel the Barbarian King of Slaughter. The Crown also has remanence of the old king's soul. When the wear has gone over 2 weeks without killing, the soul will try to take over, Will save DC 10, and for every day after this the DC goes up by 1. Once the soul takes over, the next living thing the wearer sees he/she must attack and fight until one or the other is dead.
Strong ; CL 18; Weight: 5 lbs

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