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The Emerald Tablet: This tablet is a radiant emerald of matchless beauty trimmed with gold and adorned with green jasper and malachite, in it carved twelve lines of runes in an unknown language. The emerald alone is worth an immense amount of money, and it alone would yield the owner a king's ransom.

The scribing on the tablet is the instructions for a number of alchemical processes and spells, written in an unknown script. Anyone with 1 or more ranks in Craft (Alchemy) or the Brew Potion feat that looks at the runes on this tablet supernaturally comprehends (but cannot speak or write) the language it was written in, cannot share it with others, and will forget the language after looking away from the tablet. However, while looking at the tablet, the alchemist may cast greater restoration 3/day as a cleric of his level. The alchemist will also be able to use the instructions on the tablet to create a formula for a special potion of greater restoration that acts as a greater restoration when drunk. Doing so requires a Craft (Alchemy) check (DC 20), 1500gp, and 120 XP. Upon completion of the first potion (during which consultation of the tablet is required), the alchemist will then be able to prepare more potions at anytime, without consulting the The Emerald Tablet (see directions at bottom).

On a successful Intelligence check (DC 35), or a true seeing spell or legend lore directed at the Tablet, the reader realizes the instructions on this tablet outline a process for creating the alchemist's ultimate goal, the Philosopher's Stone. An alchemist in possession of the Emerald Tablet can study the tablet for one month to attempt to create the magical quicksilver of the Stone. Doing so requires a Craft (Alchemy) check (DC 35), one week of work, and 10,000 gp to invest in material components. A successful check will enable the alchemist to create the magical quicksilver found in the Stone. After creating the quicksilver, the alchemist will never be able to comprehend the language of the tablet again, even by magical or supernatural means. The Emerald Tablet will dissolve into sand after the Stone's quicksilver is complete, and disappear, turning up in a desert again some centuries later.

Anyone in possession of this tablet gains a +10 artifact bonus to Craft (Alchemy) checks.

Potion of Greater Restoration: Caster Level: 7th ; Prerequisites: Must have read The Emerald Tablet with 1 or more ranks in Craft (Alchemy), must have prepared one potion with the Tablet as a reference. Market Price: 3,000gp ; Cost to Create: 1500gp and 120 XP.

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