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Dark Writing[edit]

"When not applied to a creature Dark Writing forms into a pool of pitch black, viscous liquid which refuses to mix with any other. However, once it comes into contact with a sentient creature it appears as if to flow directly into there skin, forming profane words and symbols upon it, in a language utterly alien and horrifying to all but the most powerful of evils disciples."


Dark Writing is believed to be the remnants of the written form of Dark Speech, as such its origins are shrouded in the same mystery as its spoken form. It is unknown how many Dark Writings there are in existance though many seek to destroy them just as many servants of evil seek to learn the secret to their creation and so spread their dark language throughout the world. Dark Writings are often found in the possession of evil deities with each piece seeming to tell a little more of some ancient tale about a paradise lost.


When not worn Dark Writing flows into a viscous pool of black liquid, not dissimilar from ink, which will not mix with any other liquid. Once it comes into contact with a sentient creature it immediatly flows onto there skin forming tattoos. These tattoos resemble profane imagery and words of Dark Speech, to remove Dark Writing a character must spend 12 hours meditating while bathed in holy water and then succeed at a Will save (DC 66) this can be attempted multiple times. If a character understands Dark Speech they can translate the Dark Writing into the words "All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage never to submit or yield" it is obvious to any translating that this is but a fragment of a much greater whole. Even if a character has no knowledge of Dark Speech they can instinctively tell that the images are evil and blasphemous in nature.

These tattoos can be moved about the wearers body at will but must always cover at least a third of there body, they need not cover the skin in such a way as to be a 'full-body tattoo' but must merely cover an appropriate area. This provides a +20 armour bonus to the wearer, this can be avoided by using a called shot on a body part not covered by at least one Tattoo (so if there's no tattoos on the head then a called shot head ignores this armour bonus). Any creature wearing Dark Writing also gains the Adaptation ability, allowing them to adapt to any natural environment even the vacuum of outer space. Any creature who can see at least one third of the wearers body which is covered in Dark Writing is affected as if hearing Advanced Dark Speech spoken by the wearer, this doesn't cause any ability damage to the wearer. This occurs every round the creature looks at the wearer and also allows the wearer to use Dark Speech without taking any Charisma damage though using Advanced Dark Speech still causes ability damage.

Advanced Dark Speech can be found here: http://www.seankreynolds.com/rpgfiles/feats/darkspeechcreaturewords.html

To destroy a part of the Dark Writing one must first remove it from the body of whoever said wearing it, if they are dead then Dark Writing will burrow into their body until it pools in their heart in its liquid form. It must then be cast into a pool of at least 15 litres of holy water within a consecrated area and then remain there for 27 days and 18 hours (666 hours total). If any sentient creature comes into contact with Dark Writing during this time it will flow onto them and the process must be restarted. At the end of this process the water will become a pitch black colour that causes 2d4+1 permanent constitution damage to any who drink it, if mixed with normal water it can poison up to 10,000 litres of water causing it to do 1d2 temporary constitution damage to drinkers and killing any crops it comes in contact with .

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