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Dragon Globe[edit]

This deep blue globe is roughly one foot in diameter and appears to be made of some sort of quartz. Something smoky and undefined swirls in it's depths, obscured by the reflections on the planes of the crystal and the bright gold of the metal claw which grasps the globe. You get an uncomfortable feeling you are being observed by whatever is trapped under the crystal's surface...

The Dragon Globe is essentially a temporary storage place for a soul. It can be used to collect the soul of a dying mortal, but cannot call their soul back from the afterlife once it has flown from their body. This soul can later be used to resurrect the creature whose soul is stored, or even to place their soul into a new body, as long as no other soul inhabits it. The soul is not given a choice of whether it wants to be stored or later resurrected.

A creature whose soul is stored inside the Dragon Globe cannot be raised or resurrected by other means - his soul is considered "trapped" within the globe.

Resurrections using the globe[edit]

To resurrect a creature using the Dragon Globe, one needs three things:

  • A "whole" body without a soul (it can be wounded as long as no parts are missing);
  • The place of the original creature's death;
  • The incantation which activates the globe.

Unfortunately, the incantation is not conveniently inscribed on the artifact, and is a piece of knowledge lost to history.

Placing a soul into a new body[edit]

When a soul is placed into a body different from the one it originally possessed, treat the effect as a reincarnate spell. However, unlike in reincarnate, no portion of the original creature's body is needed - its soul simply needs to be stored in the globe.

History and lore[edit]

The Dragon Globe was created by the Dragon Seer for his allies the Fey. Historians have speculated that he created it with selfish intentions, since as a seer he most likely foresaw that the globe would be used to save his soul from annihilation at the hands of his nemesis. Unfortunately, his soul has been trapped in the sphere for many years, and the Fey have lost the incantation which would revive him. Perhaps someday a group of worthy adventurers will discover it's secrets.

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