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Dragon Forge: The Dragon Forge is a compact portable forge with the head of a dragon as the forge and the underbelly as the smiting table attached to it.

The Dragon Forge was created by a shadow assassin by the name of Strikes from Shadows after he was brought back to life by an immortal dragon and made a pact with the dragon in order to defend the race from extinct. The last known location was high in the mountains to the north and there are no known owners other than its creator and so as of now no known way to destroy said forge.

Dragon Forge is a major magic artifact that can create weapons with a +3 against dragons and armor with a +4 against non-magical weapons. the forge also can speed up the hatching process of an immortal dragon egg. when activate also provides light within a 30ft radius and stops oncoming cold weather effects.
Strong Aura ; CL ; Weight: 15.2

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