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Enchantment Lectern: This bejewelled darkwood lectern with ivory inlays and golden edging has a brightly glowing tome sewed to the top, as well as two hooks beneath the tome. By placing any item into these hooks, you can page through the tome, which contains every known enchantment. By saying "I, a mighty wizard, beseech your energies" in Draconic while pointing at any enchantment, the lectern will vibrate violently as colored wisps burst from the tome and into the item. (The color of the wisps depends on the school of the enchantment. (Blue for conjuration, gray for abjuration, purple for transmutation, red for evocation, and black for necromancy). After 5 seconds/point of enhancement bonus of the selected enchantment, the item will be enchanted with it. The XP cost is 1/16 that what it would be if you had created the item. Any person who is not an arcane spellcaster who attempts to use it instead receives 1d4 Intelligence damage and 2 negative levels. It can also be used to create intelligent items with powers of your choosing.
Strong (all schools); CL 20th; Weight: 750 lb. The first Enchantment Lectern was created by Boccob himself. He gave instructions to construct it to the seven most powerful good wizards of the Great Wheel, including Mordenkainen and Leomund. Each wizard made one. The lecterns are now distributed across the multiverse. (3 on the Material Plane, 1 on the lower planes, 2 on the upper planes, and 1 on the Outlands.) The lecterns on the Outlands, Arcadia, and one of them on the Material Plane are available for use, in exchange for a large sum of money, one magic item of at least +6 bonus, or a quest in the name of Boccob are required, respectively. (Not to mention the fact that the one on the Outlands is in a highly restricted area of Sigil, the one on Arcadia is perched atop the tallest, steepest, and most treacherous mountain in the Upper Planes, and the one on the Material Plane is located on a distant moon.)

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