Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water (3.5e Equipment)

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Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water: An improved Decanter of Endless Water for use in Ranran temples to Kyle.
Moderate Transmutation; CL 9th; Weight: 2 lbs lb.


These bottles are generally used in Temples of Kyle or by Elite Ranran. They were created in the War of Brothers between Kyle and Colin as a way to combat Bunbun, but were converted at the end of the war. Only 99 exist, as one was destroyed in the Bunbun Civil War.

Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water: If the stopper is removed from this improved Decanter of Endless Water and a command word spoken, an amount of fresh or salt water pours out. Separate command words determine the type as well as the volume and velocity.

  • “Stream” pours out 1 gallon per round.
  • “Fountain” produces a 5-foot-long stream at 5 gallons per round.
  • “Geyser” produces a 20-foot-long, 1-foot-wide stream at 30 gallons per round.
  • “Bubble” creates and sustains an orb of water with a 10 foot radius centered around the decanter. Anyone capable of water manipulation (as the Earth Bound ability for water) can enter and move this bubble at 30 feet per round as a move action each.
  • “Eruption” produces a 200-foot-long, 10 foot wide stream at 500 gallons per round.

The geyser effect causes considerable back pressure, requiring the holder to make a DC 12 Strength check to avoid being knocked down. The force of the geyser deals 1d4 points of damage but can only affect one target per round. The command word must be spoken to stop it. The eruption effect causes even more pressure, automatically pushing the user 20 feet per round. This push is multiplied by the size bonus the creature gets to AC, or divided by it's penalty. The eruption also deals 3d10 damage per round to any caught in it's blast.

Moderate transmutation; CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, control water; Price 90,000 gp;Weight 2 lb.

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