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Andarra's Rage: :A simple, unadorned, but entirely pure silver band threaded through by an equally unassuming silver chain. However, in one's hands it radiates with a fierce anger and savagery unfamiliar to such an object, one that menaces at the slightest provocation such as the clenching of one's fist around it. Striking with a roar in one's mind when placed around a finger, it lusts for a kill.

Upon placing the ring around their finger, the wielder immediately becomes compelled by feral energy, increasing their Strength and Constitution ability scores by +6, along with their Will save against hostile effects by +4. Additionally, the bearer is treated as having the Cleave, Great Cleave, Whirlwind Attack, and Diehard feats even if they do not qualify for them. While under this compulsion, their AC is reduced by -4 in addition to becoming afflicted with a Mind Blank spell, and they have an overwhelming desire to prey upon lesser beings for personal advancement.
This compulsion is so great that it requires the individual to make a Will save (DC 20 + character level) or immediately engage the nearest and weakest target in combat. The DC of this check is reduced by -5 for creatures which are considered friendly to the bearer, but increased by +5 for creatures which are wounded, dying or otherwise capable of being overwhelmed readily by the ring's wearer. The Will save against Andarra's Rage is not effected by the increased Will save it provides or the presence of the Mind Blank spell it provides or any like effects.
A creature that succeeds in its save against the effects of Andarra's Rage ceases to be compelled by the ring's effects for 24 hours, however, it no longer gains the benefits of the ring such as the increased ability scores, feats, etc for that 24 hours. Wearers of the ring who fail their save may attempt another save against the ring's power at the original DC -10 once they have succeeded in slaying the weakened creature; should they fail, it compels them again to prey upon the weak.


From what little is known of Andarra's Rage some rare facts do surface to those who delve deep enough into the ring's bloody and mysterious history; the simple band of pure silver has been in Andarra Bloodmane's possession since she was but a child, and was likely an object of her parents' ownership, but even in her distancing from civilization, she held fast to the ring whereas everything else she left behind. Truly magical at its long forgotten time of creation, the ring was likely twisted and transformed in the same way the young Bloodmane was; taking its latent potential and its already manifested qualities and warping them into something quite different all together. So great were these changes that the ring lost all of its previous qualities, never to express them again.
One can gather from Andarra herself that the ring's latent fury is rooted in the bestial divine, a force which hungers and preys on things considered lesser in accordance to the natural hierarchy, but circumvents true nature in that those of its domain are not truly animals, but something more. The predatory will the artifact carries, best exemplified by Andarra out of all of the Champions of the Ferine, suggests that the ring's current power was granted as reward for loyalty, but by whom, or what, none can be certain. Even to her own sect, the ring is an object of much mystery...


The only method in which Andarra's Rage can be acquired is through the defeat and death of Andarra Bloodmane.


Andarra's Rage magically binds itself to the last individual who wore, it following its previous owner's death, and will reappear in their possession should it be removed from their person without killing them. This binding is so powerful that even Limited Wish, Miracle, and Wish spells cannot remove it from the individual it is bound to. Attempts to destroy the ring result in nothing, and it simply remains whole as it was without damage or blemish.
Undead creatures who attempt to wear Andarra's Rage upon their finger are struck by the effects of a Power Word Kill spell, which ignores their hit points and treats them as if they were a living creature and not Undead, slaying them instantaneously.

Strong (DC 35) Enchantment, Transmutation; CL 20th;
Activation: Free Action Weight: —

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