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Sutra of Hostile Musings: This dark tome describes devilish methods of psychological disfigurement and is highly prized by psionic manifestes. If a psionic character who is not good studies the work during one week of solitary contemplation, he gains 17 bonus power points and experience points sufficient to place him halfway into the next level of experience. Those who use their powers for good are punished for their insolence, losing 5d6 x 1,000 XP for violating the book. In addition, a good reader must make an immediate DC 15 Will save or become permanently confused as if affected by the insanity power. Only psychic chirurgery or similarly extreme measures can restore sanity.

The minds of nonpsionic beings are too clouded to benefit from the secrets of this book. To anyone without psionic aptitude, the book’s pages appear to contain nothing but elaborate patterns and drawings of mysterious beings. Once it is read, the book vanishes into the Astral Plane to an unknown destination. Even if it is found again, the same character cannot benefit twice from perusing its contents.

Strong telepathy; ML 20th; Weight 3 lb.

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