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Claw Shield[edit]

Minor Artifact

The Claw Shield is the companion piece to the Sword of Omens. Its most basic function is that of a +2 Adamantine Small Shield, but it also possesses several lesser functions:

Sheath: The Claw Shield functions as a sheath for the Sword of Omens. While sheathed in the Claw Shield the Sword of Omens may not be removed by anyone but the Lord of the Thundercats. However, while sheathed, the sword cannot use any of it's special abilities save for the Danger Warning ability. While sheathed, it is also incapable of dealing damage to evil aligned characters when grasped.

Claws: The Claw Shield is not called a Clawed Shield for nothing. On the end of each finger is a large sharp claw. Treat these claws as shield spikes that do slashing damage instead of piercing.

Grappling Rope: The Claw Shield is capable of firing a medium length line of rope/wire from one of it's claws as a standard action. The range for this rope is 100 ft, and the adamantine claw tip allows it to lodge into even solid stone on a successful ranged touch attack. However, this ability is incapable of causing damage to an opponent. If the rope is cut or broken, the Claw Shield may not use this ability until it is repaired.

Smokescreen: The Claw Shield has a hidden slot inside of it that can hold one smokestick. As a full round action, the claw shield may ignite the smokestick and project out a cloud of obscuring smoke in front of the wearer via concealed tubes under the knuckle studs. Treat smoke normally.

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