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Crown of the Dal Quor: The Crown of the Leader of the Dal Quor

The Crown of the Dal Quor was once worn by the king of the Quori. It was lost in the material plane when dragons sealed off Dal Quor.

The crown changes form based off of who is wearing it. It will be some sort of wearable piece that can be worn by whoever first saw it. Multiple people viewing it will not change how it is perceived, and it will keep whatever form it has until it is stopped being perceived. It becomes formless when unseen and unfelt.

Whenever any one willingly puts this crown on their head any magic items they have will release any magic. All curses, enchantments, or buffs on that person and items on them will be negated. Any magic that would be used on this person or items on them will be negated. However, if magic affects the area around them or items around them it may still affect them. If worn throughout sleep the wearer will not gain spells per day for that day. If the wearer has any spells per day they must take psionic damage based on below.


0     1
1     1d2
2     1d4
3     1d6
4     1d8
5     1d10
6     1d12
Any level higher deals 10 damage.

Strong Universal; CL 0; Weight: 1 lb.

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