Vyrgiliac’s Staff of the Abjurer (3.5e Equipment)

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Vyrgiliac’s Staff of the Abjurer
Price: 750,500 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Strong; (DC 19) Abjuration
Activation: Standard
Weight: 6 lb.

The History[edit]

According to legend, the staff was created by the Archmage Vyrgiliac. Even though Vyrgiliac was able to cast from all schools of magic, his true love was abjuration. At the level that evil wizards were attempting to become liches, he created items to battle them. This staff is one such item. Unfortunately, it was also the last artifact he ever created as the effort of creating it was too much for his already frail body. The legends also say that the staff is currently part of a white dragon’s treasure horde, although the dragon’s name is unknown.


The staff is made from ash wood and is gray in color. When hit by light, it gives off a pearlescent sheen very similar to what oil in water looks like. The colors are faint and do not give off any light.


When first wielded the staff creates the following effects on the owner:

Every odd level starting at level 5 the owner can cast numerous spells without having to memorize them:

Level Name
5th Dispel Magic 3/day
7th Stoneskin 3/day
9th Dismissal 2/day
11th Dispel Magic, Greater 1/day
11th Globe of Invulnerability 1/day
13th Banishment 1/day
13th Spell Turning 1/day
15th Prismatic Wall 1/day
17th Prismatic Sphere 1/day

At level twenty, the wizard gains the ability to cast all abjuration spells 2/day without memorizing them.


Craft Staff, can cast all abjuration spells, have a caster level of 25

  • Cost to Create: 500,750 gp, 10,0000 XP, 90 Days

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