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Blades of Unending Venom: Two Scimitars that enhance poisons and drip poison of their own.

The Blades of Unending Venom were a gift from Lolth to various elite assassins of the Drow matriarchy, used to utterly destroy enemies with deadly poison. It continuously spouts Drow Poison, and becomes much more deadly or becomes an incredibly venomous spider several times each day. Currently ten pairs exist, but can be created by Drow high priests with a blessing from Lolth. They can only be destroyed by first submerging them in lava, then using Limited Wish or stronger reality-changing spells to remove protections from the blades.

The Blades of Unending Venom are +1 Assassination Toxic Virulent Scimitars, with an attatched, Triple Capsule Retainer and Hilt Hollow. As a result, each grants 1d6 sneak attack damage, prevents the user from poisoning himself, increases poison DC by 1, can use poisons twice per application, causes the secondary effect of poison in 5 rounds instead of 1 minute, has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and can store up to 4 poisons that can be applied as a swift action. In addition, if both are used simultaneously, their enchantment bonus increases to +3, and for purposes of Assassination's bonus to poison DC, are treated as +5 weapons. As a free action, the owner can will it's capsules to be filled with Drow Poison (Unconsciousness/Unconsciousness, DC 13). Three times a day, the owner can create Huge Spider Venom (1d8 Str/1d8 Str, DC 22) instead, once per day Gargantuan Spider Venom (2d6 Str/2d6 Str, DC 31) and once per week Colossal Spider Venom (2d8 Str/2d8 Str, DC 35). This poison cannot be removed or otherwise stored - it can only be used by damaging enemies. Finally, three times per day, both blades can be lain side by side to create a Colossal Monstrous Spider that gains all benefits of the Blades enchantments, and applies poison twice to its bite attacks.

Prerequisites: Gentle Repose, Poison, True Strike, and Craft Magic Arms and Armor or a blessing from Lolth, CL 15th

Cost to create: 50000 GP, 4000 XP, 100 days.
Moderate Transmutation, Necromancy, Divination; CL 15th; Weight: 4 lbs lb.

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