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Worldsplitter is a +5 Greataxe.

Worldsplitter is the first and weakest of the five ancient artifacts created by a mysterious forger and it represents the strength of elemental earth.

Many sages have used their entire lifetimes speculating over what the greataxe Worldsplitter was made of and how, but none of them have ever gotten close to a conclusion. However, one of them reached the conclusion that the material used to craft Worldsplitter was obtained by something that somehow followed the Tarrasque to its resting place in the core of the world and harvested some of the unique ore located only at that area. Later on, that being used magic that has either been forgotten or unknown to all, but the mysterious forger somehow linked Worldsplitter's strength to the power of the worlds core. By doing that, the mysterious forger made Worldsplitter completely invulnerable until the worlds core is destroyed.

Once per day, the wielder of Worldsplitter can activate its power to gain a +10 bonus to one attack roll. He also gains a +20 bonus to the damage roll for that attack.

Once per week, the wielder can sunder one object without an attack roll or a damage roll. That object can be a suit of armor, a weapon, a building, a fortress, a mountain etc..

Worldsplitter got its name because of its power to split anything. Some sages actually believe that Worldsplitter could actually sunder the planet if enough force is used in the swing, but no one has ever even wanted to test that theory.

As the weakest of the five Artifacts, Worldsplitter was created purely out of elemental earth and was meant to be used to destroy astral dominions.

Item set[edit]

This item is part of the Apocalypse item set. The other items in this set are:

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