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The Seven Seas: Like silver water flowing and rippling but keeping the shape of a helm.

This is a Helm from the Apocalypse item set. The Seven Seas it self was created by Mage woman that had lost her son in a river. it can only be destroyed by that same water from that river.

It is a +4 Helm that can provide the wearer with water breathing. If water is within 20ft of the wearer whilst the wearer is being attacked by a ranged attack of any sort, the water will defend the wearer and prevent any damage (does not defend from melee of any sort even if it is a ranged melee attack).

Once a day (if water is within 20ft, again) the water will swirl around the wearer and then explode doing 2d4 force damage to anyone within 20ft, and knocks them back 30ft. If they hit something like a wall, they take damage as though falling as far as feet were left to travel.

Once a week (if water is within 20ft, again) the water begains to multiply again again for 4 rounds at the end of the 4 rounds a very large body of water is hovering above the wearer head and can be released to cause a tsunami that does 8d10 force damage and pushes anyone caught in it upto 1000ft away, and if enemy's strike objects or other things in the tsunami they take another 2d6 force damage.
Strong Evocation; CL 20; Weight: 2lb

Item set[edit]

This item is part of the Apocalypse item set. The other items in this set are:

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