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Abyss Necklace: The Abyss Necklace has a black thin chain with a small vile hanging from it.

The Abyss Necklace is the fifth and strongest Apocalypse item. no one knows where it came from but that it is an evil and horrifying object that can't be destroyed but only cased into an empty void.

The Necklace gives +4 to Str and Int.

Once a day the wearer can plunge an entire room into darkness that only the wearer can see through (not even true sight, darkvision or anything of the sort bypasses this effect), to people or things out side the room the door way seems to have a perfectly flat black wall.

Once a week the wearer can create a swirling black spot on the floor (under an enemy if desired) if anyone is caught in this spot they have to make a Ref save with a DC of 20+ wearer Int Mod, if failed the enemy is sucked into the spot and disappears, on a success the enemy simply shifts 5ft in any direction to avoid the spot.
Strong Conjuration; CL 20; Weight: 1

Item set[edit]

This item is part of the Apocalypse item set. The other items in this set are:

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