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Sunslasher is the second of five artifacts created by a mysterious forger and it represents elemental fire.

Sunslasher was crafted with unknown methods that took flames from the sun and bound them into a solid form. Because of the mysterious way it was forged it cannot be broken unless the sun has been extinguished but not even the most evil of beings could ever dream of achieving that.

It is a +6 bastard sword and it deals 1d10 fire damage that ignores all resistances and immunities.

Once per day the wielder can create a 10 square wall of flames that starts in a square adjacent to the wielder, the wall deals 1d12+6 fire damage to all creatures that enter or start their turn in one of the walls squares. This fire damage ignores all resistances an immunities as well.

Once per week during daytime the wielder can target five squares within 100ft. that must be within 20ft. of each other and they must form a pentagon. The outer rim between the squares becomes a barrier made of 10ft. tall solid flames that last for 10 rounds. These flames cannot be broken but they can be extinguished even if they do not put things on fire or deal damage. 1d4 rounds after the flames appear a searing beam of light originating from the sun blasts everything inside the pentagon. Unattended objects are instantly scorched to ashes but creatures caught in the blast must make a DC28 Fortitude check. If they succeed they only take 4d10 fire damage that ignores resistances and immunities. However if they fail they take 10d10 fire damage that ignores resistances and immunities. This attack is repeated every 1d4-1 turns with a minimum result of 1 on this roll and it stops when the flames go out 10 rounds after their creation. After this power ends there is usually nothing left in the area of the pentagon except for scorched earth.

Unlike the other artifacts, Sunslasher was made only for war in the conquest against the gods.

Item set[edit]

This item is part of the Apocalypse item set. The other items in this set are:

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