Warrior Rainment of Tamo (3.5e Equipment)

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This artifact was worn by the monk Tamo, who is believed to have taught the basic movements of kung fu. When he died, he was entombed in a cave high above the treeline in an unknown mountain range. Rumor has it, his tomb is now the lair of a silver dragon.


The Warrior Rainment of Tamo consists of four seperate pieces; the Headband of MiMi, Robes of Pak Mei, Armbands of Sao, and the Slippers of Tay Son Nhan. When worn, the rainment alters color to reflect the colors of the monk's chosen diety.


Damage Reduction of 30/adamantine

+6 Will save

The above effects only happen when the entire set is worn.


Priceless. There was only one Tamo. It is possible to recreate similar rainment ONLY if the player was able to live as Tamo did. Unfortunately, the player would have to die to effectively create the rainment.

DM Note[edit]

I created this artifact with no set campaign nor race in mind. This was designed for use by Monks and Ninjas. -Irykyl

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